Scientific Application of Quantum Computing

LSE Bankside House, Tuesday 14 May 2019

Quantum Computing is a new important opportunity potentially bringing enormous benefits to scientific research. A number of companies and academic teams offer now their experimental and already commercial developments in this field for work in different areas of science and engineering. We are organising a meeting that will bring together representatives of the industrial and academic communities active in the world of quantum computing and computational scientists in materials science and related areas of physics, chemistry, engineering and life science. Our aim is to highlight the new opportunities and explore what the quantum computing can offer us directly and in the near future. For example, can the Quantum Computing tackle our current computational problems that we address with "conventional" supercomputers and at what cost, what alternative approaches the quantum computing can offer us opening new avenues, perhaps, allowing to approach currently unfeasible tasks or impossible challenges?

This workshop is supported vy HEC Materials Chemistry Consortium, CCP5, CCP-BioSim, and CCP9.

For more information and registration, please see here