Events organized by CCP9

CCP9 community meetings

The CCP9 community meetings are the main events in which the whole UK electronic structure community comes together. The programme generally consists of three plenary talks, highlighting new developments in the field, and a series of talks given by newly appointed academics in the field. A short session summarizing the widening participation activities of CCP9 and further steps resulting form these will be followed by more general discussion about the future strategy of CCP9, involving the whole community.

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Annual Young Researchers Events

The Young Researchers Events take place annually. The key aims of these events are to bring students and postdocs together to (i) facilitate the growth of the Young Researchers CCP9 community, (ii) introduce them to the various research areas of CCP9, and (iii) provide networking opportunities to build support for their research and onward career development. Early Career Researchers give introductory talks, outlining their research objectives, focussing on questions such as 'why' the topic is exciting, and how they address it. Included in these events are open discussion sessions focussed on leadership and career development, as well as sessions about what young researchers expect from their communities (CCP9, Psi-k, CECAM).

Bi-annual CCP9/Psi-k/CECAM Graduate School

The graduate schools, which are co-funded by Psi-k and CECAM aim at giving students an introduction into the underlying theories (density functional theory, density functional perturbation theory, many body perturbation approaches, e.g. GW, etc.) and an overview of various computational tools, which cover a broad field (plane waves versus all electron, phonon calculations, Wannier functions, GW calculations). The course does not provide in-depth knowledge to fully master the codes, but has the main goal of giving students enough information to choose the best method for their research, and to know where to find further training.