CCP9 - Computational Electronic Structure of Condensed Matter

CCP9 is the Collaborative Computational Project for the Study of the Electronic Structure of Condensed Matter

The field includes the study of metals, semiconductors, magnets, and superconductors from microscopic quantum mechanical calculations. The activities of CCP9 encompass such highly topical areas as magneto-electronics (GMR, CMR, spin-transistors), photonics, nano-technology, high-temperature superconductors, and novel wide band gap semiconductors (eg GaN, diamond films).

CCP9 provides a network which connects UK research groups in electronic structure, facilitates UK participation in the larger European ΨkNetwork, and is supporting a number of cutting edge computational codes.

Information on the SLA core support, delivered by the Daresbury group

Latest News:

  • Annual PhD Thesis Prize 2015

    To: PhD supervisors, PhD students and External Examiners of PhDs in the area of Computational Physics.
    The Committee of the Institute of Physics Computational Group offers an annual thesis prize for the author of the PhD thesis that, in the opinion of the Committee, contributes most strongly to the advancement of computational physics. Runner-up prizes may also be awarded.
    Applications for the 2015 prize are encouraged across the entire spectrum of computational physics. Entry open to all students from an institution in the UK or Ireland, whose PhD examination has taken place since 1st January 2015 and up to the deadline for submissions.
    Deadline: 30th April 2016
    A few more details, including a list of past winners, can be found at Thesis Prize.
  • CCP9 Young Researchers Event

    The 2015 CCP9 Young Researchers Event was held at the University of York on March 25-16. Programme. The event at which 65 young researcher took part was chaired by Yvette Hancock.
  • CCP9 networking grant

    The renewal of the CCP9 networking and core support grant has been successful. The new grant will take over in September 2015. Thanks to all, who contributed to the proposal!
  • Other News: